Kazoo Exceptions

Public API

exception kazoo.exceptions.KazooException[source]

Base Kazoo exception that all other kazoo library exceptions inherit from

exception kazoo.exceptions.ZookeeperError[source]

Base Zookeeper exception for errors originating from the Zookeeper server

exception kazoo.exceptions.AuthFailedError[source]

Client authentication failed.

exception kazoo.exceptions.BadVersionError[source]

Version conflict. In case of reconfiguration: reconfig requested from config version X but last seen config has a different version Y.

exception kazoo.exceptions.ConfigurationError[source]

Raised if the configuration arguments to an object are invalid

exception kazoo.exceptions.InvalidACLError[source]

Invalid ACL specified

exception kazoo.exceptions.LockTimeout[source]

Raised if failed to acquire a lock.

New in version 1.1.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NoChildrenForEphemeralsError[source]

Ephemeral nodes may not have children.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NodeExistsError[source]

The node already exists.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NoNodeError[source]

Node does not exist.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NotEmptyError[source]

The node has children.

Private API

exception kazoo.exceptions.APIError[source]

API errors. This is never thrown by the server, it shouldn’t be used other than to indicate a range. Specifically error codes greater than this value are API errors (while values less than this indicate a system error.

exception kazoo.exceptions.BadArgumentsError[source]

Invalid arguments.

exception kazoo.exceptions.CancelledError[source]

Raised when a process is cancelled by another thread

exception kazoo.exceptions.ConnectionDropped[source]

Internal error for jumping out of loops

exception kazoo.exceptions.ConnectionClosedError[source]

Connection is closed

exception kazoo.exceptions.ConnectionLoss[source]

Connection to the server has been lost.

exception kazoo.exceptions.DataInconsistency[source]

A data inconsistency was found.

exception kazoo.exceptions.MarshallingError[source]

Error while marshalling or unmarshalling data.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NoAuthError[source]

Not authenticated.

exception kazoo.exceptions.NotReadOnlyCallError[source]

An API call that is not read-only was used while connected to a read-only server.

exception kazoo.exceptions.InvalidCallbackError[source]

Invalid callback specified.

exception kazoo.exceptions.OperationTimeoutError[source]

Operation timeout.

exception kazoo.exceptions.RolledBackError[source]
exception kazoo.exceptions.RuntimeInconsistency[source]

A runtime inconsistency was found.

exception kazoo.exceptions.SessionExpiredError[source]

The session has been expired by the server.

exception kazoo.exceptions.SessionMovedError[source]

Session moved to another server, so operation is ignored.

exception kazoo.exceptions.SystemZookeeperError[source]

System and server-side errors. This is never thrown by the server, it shouldn’t be used other than to indicate a range. Specifically error codes greater than this value, but lesser than APIError, are system errors.

exception kazoo.exceptions.UnimplementedError[source]

Operation is unimplemented.

exception kazoo.exceptions.WriterNotClosedException[source]

Raised if the writer is unable to stop closing when requested.

New in version 1.2.

exception kazoo.exceptions.ZookeeperStoppedError[source]

Raised when the kazoo client stopped (and thus not connected)