Source code for kazoo.protocol.states

"""Kazoo State and Event objects"""
from collections import namedtuple

[docs]class KazooState(object): """High level connection state values States inspired by Netflix Curator. .. attribute:: SUSPENDED The connection has been lost but may be recovered. We should operate in a "safe mode" until then. When the connection is resumed, it may be discovered that the session expired. A client should not assume that locks are valid during this time. .. attribute:: CONNECTED The connection is alive and well. .. attribute:: LOST The connection has been confirmed dead. Any ephemeral nodes will need to be recreated upon re-establishing a connection. If locks were acquired or recipes using ephemeral nodes are in use, they can be considered lost as well. """ SUSPENDED = "SUSPENDED" CONNECTED = "CONNECTED" LOST = "LOST"
[docs]class KeeperState(object): """Zookeeper State Represents the Zookeeper state. Watch functions will receive a :class:`KeeperState` attribute as their state argument. .. attribute:: AUTH_FAILED Authentication has failed, this is an unrecoverable error. .. attribute:: CONNECTED Zookeeper is connected. .. attribute:: CONNECTED_RO Zookeeper is connected in read-only state. .. attribute:: CONNECTING Zookeeper is currently attempting to establish a connection. .. attribute:: EXPIRED_SESSION The prior session was invalid, all prior ephemeral nodes are gone. """ AUTH_FAILED = "AUTH_FAILED" CONNECTED = "CONNECTED" CONNECTED_RO = "CONNECTED_RO" CONNECTING = "CONNECTING" CLOSED = "CLOSED" EXPIRED_SESSION = "EXPIRED_SESSION"
[docs]class EventType(object): """Zookeeper Event Represents a Zookeeper event. Events trigger watch functions which will receive a :class:`EventType` attribute as their event argument. .. attribute:: CREATED A node has been created. .. attribute:: DELETED A node has been deleted. .. attribute:: CHANGED The data for a node has changed. .. attribute:: CHILD The children under a node have changed (a child was added or removed). This event does not indicate the data for a child node has changed, which must have its own watch established. .. attribute:: NONE The connection state has been altered. """ CREATED = "CREATED" DELETED = "DELETED" CHANGED = "CHANGED" CHILD = "CHILD" NONE = "NONE"
EVENT_TYPE_MAP = { -1: EventType.NONE, 1: EventType.CREATED, 2: EventType.DELETED, 3: EventType.CHANGED, 4: EventType.CHILD, }
[docs]class WatchedEvent(namedtuple("WatchedEvent", ("type", "state", "path"))): """A change on ZooKeeper that a Watcher is able to respond to. The :class:`WatchedEvent` includes exactly what happened, the current state of ZooKeeper, and the path of the node that was involved in the event. An instance of :class:`WatchedEvent` will be passed to registered watch functions. .. attribute:: type A :class:`EventType` attribute indicating the event type. .. attribute:: state A :class:`KeeperState` attribute indicating the Zookeeper state. .. attribute:: path The path of the node for the watch event. """
[docs]class Callback(namedtuple("Callback", ("type", "func", "args"))): """A callback that is handed to a handler for dispatch :param type: Type of the callback, currently is only 'watch' :param func: Callback function :param args: Argument list for the callback function """
[docs]class ZnodeStat( namedtuple( "ZnodeStat", "czxid mzxid ctime mtime version" " cversion aversion ephemeralOwner dataLength" " numChildren pzxid", ) ): """A ZnodeStat structure with convenience properties When getting the value of a znode from Zookeeper, the properties for the znode known as a "Stat structure" will be retrieved. The :class:`ZnodeStat` object provides access to the standard Stat properties and additional properties that are more readable and use Python time semantics (seconds since epoch instead of ms). .. note:: The original Zookeeper Stat name is in parens next to the name when it differs from the convenience attribute. These are **not functions**, just attributes. .. attribute:: creation_transaction_id (czxid) The transaction id of the change that caused this znode to be created. .. attribute:: last_modified_transaction_id (mzxid) The transaction id of the change that last modified this znode. .. attribute:: created (ctime) The time in seconds from epoch when this znode was created. (ctime is in milliseconds) .. attribute:: last_modified (mtime) The time in seconds from epoch when this znode was last modified. (mtime is in milliseconds) .. attribute:: version The number of changes to the data of this znode. .. attribute:: acl_version (aversion) The number of changes to the ACL of this znode. .. attribute:: owner_session_id (ephemeralOwner) The session id of the owner of this znode if the znode is an ephemeral node. If it is not an ephemeral node, it will be `None`. (ephemeralOwner will be 0 if it is not ephemeral) .. attribute:: data_length (dataLength) The length of the data field of this znode. .. attribute:: children_count (numChildren) The number of children of this znode. """ @property def acl_version(self): return self.aversion @property def children_version(self): return self.cversion @property def created(self): return self.ctime / 1000.0 @property def last_modified(self): return self.mtime / 1000.0 @property def owner_session_id(self): return self.ephemeralOwner or None @property def creation_transaction_id(self): return self.czxid @property def last_modified_transaction_id(self): return self.mzxid @property def data_length(self): return self.dataLength @property def children_count(self): return self.numChildren