Kazoo is a Python library designed to make working with Zookeeper a more hassle-free experience that is less prone to errors.

Kazoo features:

  • A wide range of recipe implementations, like Lock, Election or Queue
  • Data and Children Watchers
  • Simplified Zookeeper connection state tracking
  • Unified asynchronous API for use with greenlets or threads
  • Support for gevent 0.13 and gevent 1.0
  • Support for Zookeeper 3.3 and 3.4 servers
  • Integrated testing helpers for Zookeeper clusters
  • Pure-Python based implementation of the wire protocol, avoiding all the memory leaks, lacking features, and debugging madness of the C library

Kazoo is heavily inspired by Netflix Curator simplifications and helpers.


You should be familiar with Zookeeper and have read the Zookeeper Programmers Guide before using kazoo.


Using Zookeeper in a safe manner can be difficult due to the variety of edge-cases in Zookeeper and other bugs that have been present in the Python C binding. Due to how the C library utilizes a separate C thread for Zookeeper communication some libraries like gevent also don’t work properly by default.

By utilizing a pure Python implementation, Kazoo handles all of these cases and provides a new asynchronous API which is consistent when using threads or gevent greenlets.

Source Code

All source code is available on github under kazoo.


Bugs and support issues should be reported on the kazoo github issue tracker.

The developers of kazoo can frequently be found on the Freenode IRC network in the #zookeeper channel.

For general discussions, please use the python-zk mailing list hosted on Google Groups.

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kazoo is offered under the Apache License 2.0.


kazoo started under the Nimbus Project and through collaboration with the open-source community has been merged with code from Mozilla and the Zope Corporation. It has since gathered an active community of over two dozen contributors.